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Guided Process

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Guided Process

The Journey Day


Location: In-person/video (prep & integration conversations) & Amsterdam (journeys, or the psychedelic experiences) for psilocybin, and London for medical marijuana.


• Comprehensive health screening (free)

• 30-min inquiry conversation 

• Accepting agreements of what this work involves (e.g. not a magic bullet; requires effort, support outside of me; and to be relatively stable in life)

• 3x 60-min preparation conversations

• 1st journey

• 2x 60-min integration conversations

• 2nd journey

• 2x 60-min integration conversations

• 3rd journey

• 2x 60-min integration conversations

• Light snack after each journey

• Custom recorded meditations and comprehensive written guides to use before, during, and after the process

• If required: Preparing your existing therapist or coach

• If required: referrals to other specialists after the process

Each call and journey is spaced at least a week apart, making this at least a 3-month process. I trust in altered traits not states, even though psilocybin and medical marijuana use is part of my process. Therefore, I believe transformation requires far more time and holding than many psychedelic protocols in existence today. It takes time to develop and integrate lasting tools and resources to use throughout the process and beyond: ways to unblend and find compassion for your 'parts'; unlock your breath; connect with your body, Self, others, and the world, and other things. It also take time to build trust and rapport with your guide, an essential element of what makes this work effective. I'm about lasting change, not blasting you off for one day. We're slowly waking up to the potential limitations of that model.


Please note that this is a deep process. It will require both your and my energy, and a willingness to fully engage in the process and to see it through to the end. And if things aren't working out for you as smoothly as you'd like them to at the moment, there will also need to be a willingness to change. It will also require support outside of me, and for you to be in a relatively stable position in life (e.g. you're able to hold down a job, and aren't in the middle of a major transitional period, such as moving home or changing jobs). 


As I'm sure you're aware, meaningful change doesn't happen overnight; feeling better and the path to Wholeness (i.e. becoming our fullest Selves, with all the light and shadow that's contained within) is an ongoing and always beginning process. Despite the testimonials on my website, nothing is ever guaranteed. However, change is certainly possible. Indeed, we're constantly changing, and although of course I can offer no guarantees regarding outcome, this process certainly has proven to be able to catalyse change and increase general wellness.  

I do also offer shorter protocols. However, as I've found in my own work, and now the scientific research has been validating, longer protocols seem to work better. If only there were a magic pill! A big part of the longer process as described above is not only the 'journeys' (the psychedelic experiences), but importantly the calls before, in-between, and after, where we'll integrate the material that arises, and embed helpful skills, tools, and resources that will help you during the process, and after.

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