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Guided Psilocybin Process

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Guided Psilocybin Process



Location: London / Video Call

Upon reaching out to me, I’ll first invite you to complete a health screening questionnaire based on modern clinical psilocybin trials. This enables us to identify the most obvious contraindications before going further. If all is OK, we’ll proceed onto the inquiry conversation, where I’ll explore your screening questionnaire responses with you. Importantly, this provides us with an opportunity to establish the relationship and outline the process. We’ll get to know each other a bit, explore your motivations, set expectations, and I can answer any questions you have (there are no silly questions). We'll make an honest  assessment of our rapport and your safety before deciding to embark on your journey together, as it is important that you feel you are able to trust both me and the process.

  • Health screening 

  • 30-minute inquiry conversation

  • 60-minute preparation conversation 1

  • Preparation guide

  • Custom recorded preparation meditations

  • 60-minute preparation conversation 2

  • If required: Preparing your existing therapist or coach

Once the screening is cleared and we agree to proceed with me as your guide, I will send you the preparation guide and recorded meditations to help support the process. We’ll have your first preparation conversation, where we’ll deepen the relationship and discuss your history, motivations, and intentions in more detail. We’ll then have your second preparation conversation about a week later, during which we'll further deepen the process. If you have an existing therapist or coach, then I can help to prepare them, too.


Because we hold our emotions, blocks, memories, and traumas in the body, learning embodiment is central to my work. Therefore, during the preparation stage I can help you to learn the language and vocabulary of sensations, as well as how you can work with your nervous system. This is such an important life skill, and is a gift that can only keep on giving. We can also do some Internal Family Systems work in these preparation sessions, working with the 'Protector' parts (aka ego defences) in order to limit resistance in the journey. Any process that we start in the preparation stage will be brought into the journey to be worked with on a deeper level. 

The Journey Day

The Journey Day

Location: Amsterdam

The journey is the psilocybin experience, which will be done in an Airbnb in Amsterdam where it is legal to consume psilocybin (there’s a direct Eurostar train from London Kings Cross St Pancras if you are based in England). We’ll start by discussing any important new developments in your life that have not been mentioned previously. I will then guide you through a calming meditation intended to relax your mind and body. Once ready, you can review your intentions before consuming the psilocybin. You’ll lie back with an eye mask on to help focus your journey inwards, and headphones playing a carefully curated playlist of music used in clinical psilocybin studies. Although I will be there for support if needed, I will not interfere with your journey, and will let your own Inner Healing Intelligence lead the way.

  • Pre-journey meditation 

  • Psilocybin truffle tea 

  • Curated music playlist 

  • My undivided support for the entire experience 

  • Light meal 

  • Integration drawing exercise

I’ll prepare a light meal for after your journey, and I’ll invite you to do an integration drawing exercise (using a mandala - meaning ‘circle’, or ‘wholeness’ in Sanskrit). Drawing can help to capture the experience where words can be limiting. It’s not about analysis at this stage - that comes later - rather, it can be useful to have something material to revisit throughout the integration process. After a short debrief, I’ll provide some space for you to rest.  



Location: London / Video Call

Integration is a process for supporting the psilocybin experience. It involves mining the journey for lessons, and then working towards embedding those lessons so that the experience becomes a lasting and meaningful part of your life. I will provide the integration material, including a comprehensive written guide and a custom recorded meditation that will help with the process of integrating your journey. I can also share the music playlist which you listened to during your journey, as this can be a powerful way to revisit certain aspects of the experience, further helping the integration process. We’ll have the integration conversation one week after your journey, to discuss your experience in detail, and you will be invited to join a regular integration group. I will also be available for additional integration sessions should you want them. If I am unavailable, or if you’d benefit from working with a specialism beyond my scope, then I can refer you to another professional.

  • Integration guide

  • Custom recorded integration meditation 

  • 60-minute integration conversation 

  • Invitation to a regular integration group 

  • Optional: Further integration conversations if desired (dependant on availability)

Investment: £1,995


See FAQs for info on who shouldn't work with psilocybin. 

I welcome payment plans (paying in 2 or 3 instalments), and if you are struggling financially then we can discuss options, including reduced rates under special circumstances.


Some people like to book several journeys in a row to facilitate a deeper process. For example, 3 processes would include 9 calls (3 per process). Therefore, a protocol could look as such: 3 preparation calls; first journey; 2 integration calls; second journey; 2 integration calls; third journey; 2 integration calls. 

Psilocybin Guide, Psychedelic Guide, Psyche Guides, Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems (Ifs), Therapeutic, Coach / Coaching, Trauma-Informed | London, UK, Amsterdam

“Liam has literally freed me up to embrace and live the rest of my life to the fullest. I have no idea where to begin to even express in words my gratitude to him. I am in total awe of his talent, knowledge and experience. The approach of combining Internal Family Systems with somatic release has enabled me to locate and physically release nearly 60 years of embedded trauma. On top of the physical release of the trauma, he taught me how to identify my inner parts, to acknowledge them and work with them. This empowers me to sustain and embed the long-term success of the somatic release work. I now walk down the street tall, my balance is impeccable, my strength has returned, and I feel physically light, and so excited about the future. I look up to the sun and the sky and I say “ It’s OK”, because it is! Liam, you have given me a gift that I will NEVER be able to repay, and for that I thank you from every inch of my body and mind and soul.”


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