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My Training and Development

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My Training and Development

I believe there is no single training programme that can prepare you to be a good therapeutic guide. For me, it requires life experience, shadow work (i.e. making one's unconscious parts conscious), extensive experience with the substance(s) one is working with, and the active cultivation of qualities I mention in the About: Hi section. Further, it has become clear to me that conventional talk therapy certainly isn't the only way to heal, and increasingly I see working solely at the level of the rational mind as being of limited value. Indeed, as an over-thinker in recovery, I've come to appreciate that our memories, blocks, emotions, and traumas largely live in the body, and so need to be accessed and released through the body. We can't simply think our way to betterment (despite telling ourselves better stories being an essential element of any any process). This is why I'm drawn to tools and frameworks that work with and around the protective stories of the ego mind/protective parts - psychedelics, Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing, etc. - in order to target the emotional root and let our innate healing wisdom, evolved over millions of years, work its magic.

As there is no single programme that incorporates everything across my 7 Lens approach, I decided to create my own curriculum based on a combination of cutting-edge research and ancient wisdom, bringing together the intellectual with the experiential, and where the foundation was my own deep transformation and healing process, which continues. Below is the curriculum, which I apply to both my psychedelic and therapeutic coaching work.


Official Somatic Experiencing practitioner training 

Official Internal Family Systems therapy practitioner training (level 3)

Certified courses in Transpersonal Psychology, Humanistic Counselling, Jungian Psychology, Buddhism, and Shamanism

Psychedelics Today Navigating Psychedelics For Clinicians and Therapists course

Psychedelics Today Psychedelics & Jung course

Scott Barry Kaufman/Columbia University's Transcend course

Bernardo Kastrup’s With Reality in Mind course

John Yates’ The Mind Illuminated meditation course

Studying scientific papers, protocols, and lots of books

Jung Platform course on narcissism 

Attending major conferences and events


Therapy - psychotherapy, then later Somatic Experiencing and Internal Family Systems (ongoing)

Daily meditation and regular yoga practice (ongoing)

Breathwork (ongoing)

Movement medicine - a fancy way of saying mindful dancing (ongoing)

Singing - my favourite medicine (ongoing)

Trauma release exercises (ongoing)

Psychedelic Society's harm reduction course

Extensive experience with psilocybin, inc. being guided myself and guiding others (ongoing)

Men's circles, which I went on to facilitate (ongoing)

5-week shamanic soul retrieval process

Spending lots of time in nature (ongoing)

I have regular supervision for both IFS and Somatic Experiencing, I have mentors who are respected in this space, and I am part of several peer support groups for guides, coaches, clinicians, and therapists. Professional oversight is also important to me, so I am an insured member of the Complementary Medical Association, a founding member of the Mind Foundation’s Psychedelics & Coaching Professional Section, member of the Medical Psychedelic Association, Somatic Experiencing Association, the IFS Institute, and the Guild of Guides, and I am a pledge signatory of North Star. All have codes of conduct that I abide by, and I was in fact the lead author of the Mind Foundation's Psychedelics & Coaching Professional Section code. 

Forever seeking to develop myself, I commit to spending approximately 20% of my time dedicated to ongoing learning and personal growth. 

Psilocybin Guide, Psychedelic Guide, Psyche Guides, Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems (Ifs), Therapeutic, Coach / Coaching, Trauma-Informed | London, UK, Amsterdam
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