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Pleasure to Meet You

Hello again. Thanks again for being here. So allow me to introduce myself properly this time.

My full name is Liam Samuel David Farquhar, which means that my bank card reads Mr LSD Farquhar. Curiously, LSD not only stands for lysergic acid diethylamide, the well-known psychedelic, but also the old English way of writing money - pounds, shillings, and pence. So it’s a funny coincidence (or synchronistic, if you want to be all Jungian about it) that one day I’d make my living in the psychedelic space.

And it certainly does feel like this is my ‘sacred calling’ (a fancy pants way of saying ‘the career that I should be doing’). I’ve had various jobs in the past -  manny (male nanny), startup founder, a 'Big Four' management consultant, being a few of them. None of these ever felt completely ‘right’ for me. That being said, I did learn useful lessons along the way, allowing me to bring together a combination of skills and worlds that aren’t always common in this space. My old corporate life taught me the value of critical thinking, eye for detail, and professionalism, which I believe are useful qualities to have, alongside others that I work to cultivate daily, such as compassion, humility, humour, intuition, openness, presence, groundedness, curiosity, and a deep sense of ethical responsibility, not to mention specialist training and extensive experience with psilocybin.


"My role in life now is to be of service to you and your path."

Despite walking down a winding path to be here, I have long been drawn to the art and science of healing, and have been following psychedelics as a new therapeutic model since Johns Hopkins’ seminal 2006 paper on psilocybin-induced mystical experiences. It took a multi-year-long breakdown (or 'dark night of the soul', which let's face it sounds way cooler) for me to finally stop and listen to who I really was, which eventually called me to participate in this work, rather than simply follow it.

I’ve also needed to go through a deep personal journey to be here. To be centred, grounded, present, and aware of my own processes in order to be of greatest service to others, I needed to deepen my understanding of my own developmental trauma and limiting parts. So I quit my job, rented out my flat, and continued my journey of learning, healing, and transformation full-time. I continued therapy - psychotherapy, then later Somatic Experiencing and Internal Family Systems after I accepted that traditional psychotherapy wasn't working for me. I used psychedelics intentionally, being guided individually and at group retreats. I even took part in psychedelic journeys with my mum, releasing old somatic tension that had become frozen in my body during periods of overwhelm. I walked through a lot of woodland. I continued to meditate daily and did lots of yoga. I did trauma release exercises, breathwork, and took part in men’s circles, which I then went on to lead. I read and studied. A lot. I sang and I screamed and laughed, cried, shook, tremored, and danced my way to greater understanding and catharsis. I even did a 5-week soul retrieval, because YOLO. With time, I migrated from the safety of my head, to the deep wisdom of my body, and finally the tenderness and sensitivity of my heart, bringing all three into alignment. It was a profound period of my life, in which I developed an inner strength and level of self-compassion that I hadn’t known before, or, frankly, hadn’t thought was possible. . So although this process wasn’t always easy, it was certainly worth it. I am now at a place where I can confidently say I’m in a position to support others in their journeys of discovery, betterment, and growth.

Psilocybin Guide, Psychedelic Guide, Psyche Guides, Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems (Ifs), Therapeutic, Coach / Coaching, Trauma-Informed | London, UK, Amsterdam

I still have off days of course (the toaster won’t swear at itself), but I moved from feeling like I was constantly fighting life, to feeling as though I was flowing in its currents. And feeling being the operative word. I was numbed to life for so many years, whereas now I can feel life's full spectrum - from the deepest sorrows to the highest joys. However, despite this transition, personal work isn’t something that’s ever completed for me; it’s an intrinsic part of my life, and I continue to commit to my ongoing learning and personal growth in order to be the best psychedelic therapeutic guide and human that I can be.

My role in life now is to be of service to you and your path. I don’t profess perfection, nor do I claim to have all the answers (it’s hard to when you work in a field that touches on subjects like consciousness and the nature of reality). However, I do have some very relevant training and experience, not to mention a plump medicine bag filled with useful approaches, methods, tips, tools, and techniques to help support a process where you can tap into your own existing innate wisdom and potential, and rediscover your essential and whole Self that has always been there, waiting to be revealed.

It’s a great honour, joy, and privilege to do this work with you.

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